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ExpressCard™System Supports PCMCIA Technology for Transmitting Higher Speeds

As computer hardware and accessories evolve to meet ever-changing market demands for smaller sizes and rapid speeds, Molex Incorporated introduces its new ExpressCard™ header and ejector assembly.  As a member of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), Molex designed this interconnect system to be compatible with ExpressCard technology, a product that is primed to replace the traditional PC Card and CardBus interface.  As a result, the system delivers a cost-effective solution with high-performance, modular expansion to computers using a smaller interface. 

Developed for applications in desktop and notebook computers, ExpressCard technology supports the PCI Express and USB 2.0 interface.  This feature allows hot plugging, which permits users to add memory, wired and wireless communications, multimedia, security features and more to mobile and desktop systems.  Available in two standard formats: ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54, measuring 34mm and 54mm wide respectively, the system offers a plastic housing on a universal guide rail to enable easy insertion and ejection of the modules.  Additionally, the system' s plastic heart cam slider and long lead-in cushions the push-in force and prevents scratching or damage during card insertion. 

"As performance standards advance and new technology devices increasingly populate the marketplace, Molex strives to remain a leader in the development of innovative solutions for a variety of high speed applications,' said Bill Kysiak, product manager, Molex Incorporated. "By working with the PCMCIA to develop ExpressCard technology, we were able to provide a design capable of satisfying the market' s technology requirements, while also strengthening our reputation as a leader in the manufacture of technical designs."
The ExpressCard system' s low profile design offers the option of positioning the shell mounting tab on the interior of the metal shell to reduce PCB real estate.  ExpressCard modules measure only 5.75mm thick, and are 10.6mm shorter than a standard PC Card.   Both 34mm and 54mm modules use the same connector interface.  Additionally, a combination grounding pad and clip-on shell reduces EMI/EMC concerns.
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