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MicroSD Connectors Offer Space Savings and Card Extraction Protection
A new series of microSD memory card connectors from Molex offer ultra compact space savings and a brake feature for smooth card extraction. These new microSD memory card connectors are designed for cell phones and other mobile devices that use removable flash memory to store data such as text, photos, games, video and audio. The microSD format offers about a 70 percent space savings versus miniSD products that are currently available to the market.

    "Having a connector that will secure these miniature memory card connectors while still providing smooth card extraction is a key benefit for mobile device makers," said Bill Kysiak, product manager for Molex. "The new microSD memory card connectors address these concerns and offer additional space savings to allow for thinner and smaller designs."

     Molex offers normal and reverse-mount microSD connectors in a push-push design, which enables easy external card extraction from the side of a mobile device. These styles include brake tabs to help slow the speed of the card during ejection. Additional features include a detect switch to identify card insertion and inner or outer solder tabs to suit various design needs. The smallest of these versions offers a height of 1.80mm (.071") and a depth of 15.50mm (.610"), making them among the smallest memory card connectors in the world. The push-push versions also include four PCB ground tabs for secure board retention and polarization features to ensure correct card insertion.

    A hinge-type version is also available for cards mounted inside the unit to enable the card to be inserted from the top angle.  This unique hinge design holds the card in the metal lid and includes a spring function to ensure easy card extraction. The durable metal lid stays securely fastened to the connector even after multiple cycles and provides an audible click and positive lock to ensure good electrical contact. The shell also has no sharp edges or corners for safe usage and includes probe holes for electrical testing.
This full range of microSD card connectors from Molex are rated at 0.5A and include metal shielding for ESD protection. The 8-circuit connectors include gold-plated terminals and high-temperature housings and come in embossed tape packaging for robotic pick-and-place. When used with adapters, they are fully compatible with systems that support SD and miniSD. 
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